Highschool Students ACT Scores Showed Not Ready For College

Graduating high school students of around 52% took the ACT exam which is an estimated 1.7 million students. Taking this test means that this students are preparing themselves on their way to college. ACT provided a report basing on issues if this students are ready for college and also basing on career readiness.

Subjects tested are Math, Reading, Science and English which is basing from their report out of 4 students there is only 1 that is fully ready of the 4 subjects mentioned.

The number of students who is taking the exam is gradually increasing each year up to 17% since the year 2008 but there is no significant change showing so far.

Good news though is that it reaches up to 72% of students who took the exam met 1 subjects readiness standards. Only 24% of the students showed that they are ready in all 4 subjects. 28% didn’t reach the standards set of the 4 subjects.

Students percentage in every subject as follows, 52% for Reading, Math 46%, Science 31% and English 67%. And 42% of the asian race tops the readiness test in all 4 subjects than the rest of the race who took the exam.

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